Main board

Jolanta Łazuga-Koczurowska
Chairperson of the Main Board

Has been with the MONAR Association since 1981. Is the clinical psychologist, certified addiction treatment specialist, certified supervisor. Graduated from the Poznan University, is a fellow of the Massachussetts University (USA), holds a certificate by the San Diego University (California, USA) as an addiction treatment specialist. Since 1995 has cooperated with the Council of Europe. Is the academic lecturer at the Gdańsk University. Is the founder and the leader of the first in Poland TC for adolescents with drug problems in Gdansk. Is the member of the Committee on Drug Prevention to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, an expert and member of the Committee on Professional Certification at the National Bureau for Drug Prevention. For the last 5 years, she has been a Chairperson of the Polish Federation of Therapeutic Communities. Is the author of over 100 publications in the area of addiction prevention and treatment, made presentations and speeches at conferences held in different countries. Has been awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland a Cross of the Revival of Poland. Passions: sports (used to play basketball and tennis), reading, music and dance. Is the mother of a grown-up daughter. Is dreaming about having grand-children.

Bogusia Bączkowska
Vice-Chairperson of the Main Board

Was born in Lodz. Graduated from the Opole University, specialization: Resocialization and Education. Is the certified addiction treatment specialist. Has been with Monar since 1982. Together with her husband Adam she founded a TC in Czerwony Dworek and later a second TC in Nowolipsk, where they work till nowadays. She has a 22 year-old daughter Martyna and 21 year-old son Marcin. All the family loves cats, there are 5 in the house. They also love old cars which they renovate, their pride are Opel Manta 1973 and Opel GT 1969. They love to do sports and to spend time in their house – a renovated building of the old cornhouse.

Wojtek Fijałkowski
Vice-Chairman of the Main Board

In MONAR – since August 1990. His MONAR carrier includes work in the Counselling Centre in Wrocław and TC in Zbicko. He is a founder and leader of MONAR TC in Gracze. Holds a Master degree in Education and Resocialization, is a certified addiction treatment specialist. Is the father of 19 year-old Paulina and 11 year-old Magda. His passions are mountains and canoeing.

Monika Filipowicz
Secretary of the Main Board

She was born in Gdańsk, is in love with Cracow, but she works in Warsaw. Graduated from the Jagellonian University. Holds a certificate of HIV/AIDS Prevention Educator. She started her adventure with MONAR as a student trainee in Cracow Counselling Centre. Currently she is responsible for promotion and public relations at the MONAR Main Office. Her passions are travel (the further the better) and cuisine. She regrets to have little time to read books.

Danuta Wiewióra
Member of the Main Board

Holds a Master Degree in Psychology. Since 1983 has been working at Monar – from the very beginning until today being a psychologist at the Counselling Centre in Warsaw. Is a certified addiction treatment specialist and supervisor, HIV/AIDS Prevention Educator, conducts many training initiatives, coordinates the All-Polish AIDS Help-Line. Considers herself to be the co-author of Markot concept. Is the mother of the grown-up daughter, a student. Is in fond of her dog Franek. Among passions are mushroom-picking, swimming and playing bridge.

Jarosław Kosiński
Member of the Main Board

As he says, he got involved with MONAR by accident, but remained and for the last 21 years has been working at the TC in Wroclaw where he is the leader and the manager. Holds a Master Degree in Administration (from the Wroclaw University), is a certified addiction treatment specialist. In his work, he pays a lot of attention to prevention. His passions are sailing, skiing and volleyball.

Piotr Adamiak
Member of the Main Board

Holds the Master Degree in Education and Resocialization. Has been an addiction therapist since 1984, and since 1997 – the manager of the TC in Lodz. Co-founded Monar TCs in Lodz and Kebliny. Is a certified supervisor of the therapist teams working with drug addicted clients. Is the author and trainer in many training programs for therapists.